VIP Airliners

VIP-charter means that a certain time the plane will be at the complete disposal of the tenant. Business aviation provides freedom of movement, comfort and mobility. You can rent an aircraft for flights with any purpose.

Why is it profitable to hire a business jet?

There is an opinion that renting a VIP-plane is expensive. However, taking into account all the advantages of VIP aviation, such as comfort, schedule independence, etc., the tenant, even with significant investments, will only benefit.

Planes are rented together with the crew, therefore full service is provided. When making an order, you choose the aircraft yourself. Our company provides business jets of leading world manufacturers. Aircraft carefully maintained and have excellent technical condition. The crew demonstrates excellent qualifications and high professionalism.

Advantages of private aviation

The main advantage of VIP-charter is time saving. During the flight, you can make business negotiations, hold a Skype conference. Soft chairs, comfortable tables allow you to work with maximum comfort. Ordering a VIP-charter, you get:

independence. There is no need to adjust to the schedule of the airline. At any time you can fly to the right place;
comfort and good service. The list of additional services depends on the preferences of the client.
In addition to the pilot, technicians and flight attendants, representatives of the company, who will deal with the paperwork at the airport, customs and passport control, can go on the flight.

You can rent a plane that has several compartments. Such an aircraft is chosen for traveling with the whole family, especially with children.

Services worthy of your status

You can order a VIP charter at Private Jet Booking at any time. We are working:

around the clock. We support customers 24/7;
safely. We can trust your life. The crews of private aircraft are formed from professional pilots who have extensive flight experience;
promptly. We appreciate your time and work several times faster than competitors;
privately. The business jet ordering procedure and the flight itself are all confidential.
The Private Jet Booking team can provide transportation and prepare it for flight several hours before departure. Leave an order on the site, and we will contact you immediately.