Helicopter rental with a pilot every year becomes an increasingly popular service. “Iron Dragonfly” moves 5-6 times faster than any car, because it does not stand in traffic jams and flies in a straight line. It will move you from point “A” to point “B” for the minimum amount of time with maximum comfort.

When it can be useful

You can order a helicopter with a pilot in Moscow for:

  • excursion routes;
  • country rest, fishing, hunting;
  • business trips;
  • wedding walks;
  • corporate relocations.

Air taxi is convenient to use for tourist purposes. Rent a helicopter with a pilot for a day, and hard-to-reach places will no longer exist for you. For new experiences and great shots, you can even land on top of a mountain. For planting will need a plot of land about 25 meters. The professionalism of the pilots will allow you to land a helicopter with an accuracy of 1 cm.

Having made a flight to a meeting place with business partners, you will not only look presentable in their eyes, but also save valuable time. A long car ride will be tedious, so you should rent a helicopter with a pilot in order to save power for negotiations.

Need an aircraft for an hour to make a marriage proposal? You can rent a helicopter and give your beloved an unforgettable ride.

Advantages of the rotor-wing machine
The helicopter has clear advantages over ground transportation, among which are the following:

reduction of travel time due to high speed;
no traffic jams, maneuvers unskilled drivers on the road;
unlimited choice of routes. It can even deliver passengers where there are no roads.
In comparison with the aircraft, the helicopter is more economical and justifies the air movement at a distance of 400-500 km.

The best part is that the rental price for 1 hour corresponds to the comfort with which you will reach your destination. At least once you need to feel for yourself all the advantages of flying on a rotary-wing machine, and the question “how much does it cost?” Will disappear by itself.

Helicopter types

Depending on the destination, there are different types of helicopters for private flights:

small in size. Used for personal flights;
with increased comfort. Suitable for VIPs;
large-sized. For transportation of people and goods.
The radius of flight of modern helicopters is about 600 km, the average time is 2–3 hours. Permissible take-off weight can reach 3100 kg or more. Thanks to the modernization of the engine vibration level during flights is minimized.

The best choice

Private Jet Booking company offers to rent a helicopter with a pilot. The cost of rental per hour will depend on the model of the helicopter.

We offer:

safe moving. All flights are made by pilots who have been certified;
the best helicopters. Each aircraft is serviced according to the regulations in licensed centers;
individual approach to each. We will select a helicopter from the many available options, based on the values ​​and needs of the customer;
quality service. The flight is always kept in the active zone of attention.
You can order a helicopter by phone or by leaving a request on the website. Our managers will listen to your wishes, if necessary, find an alternative solution, after which all worries about travel arrangements will fall on the broker’s shoulders, and you will only enjoy the flight in comfortable conditions.