Hawker 900XP

Hawker 900XP – midsize class private jet (Midsize Jet). Purpose – business trips with a small amount of luggage. Standard layout of the cabin: 5 individual chairs + 3-seater sofa (not convertible, 150cm length, sometimes with armrests).

Стандартная компоновка салона Hawker 900XP 5 индивидуальных кресел + 3-х местный диван

Flight attendant and Vip hot catering are included. 

What Hawker 900XP is convenient for you

Hawker 900XP interior received new design of chairs and an additional line of finishing materials and inlays. The strength side of all the Hawker aircrafts has always been a spacious cabin.

This advantage of spaciousness in the cabin was preserved for Hawker 900XP: cabin height is 174 cm, cabin width – 183 cm, cabin length – 7040, luggage capacity of Hawker 900XP business jet is 1.42 cubic meters.

Стюардесса и горячее питание включены в стоимость аренды Hawker 900XP

This type of a private jet will be a little small for trips on vacation, but just right for private flights on business.

Flights up to 7 hours on Hawker 900XP – super opportunities for business purposes 

Hawker 900XP revealed to the market in 2006 году в результате улучшения предыдущей модели. Благодаря новым двигателям, усовершенствованным винглетам и более современной авионике самолет получил возможность совершать полеты до 7 часов. Выдающийся результат! Это означает, что самолет может долететь из Москвы до Лиссабона и еще покружить минут 45 над аэропортом в ожидании посадки. 

Hawker 900XP was revealed to the market in 2006 as a result of improvement of the previous model. Thanks to the new engines, improved winglets and more modern avionics, the aircraft was able to fly up to 7 hours. Outstanding result! This means that the plane can fly directly from Moscow to Lisbon and have another 45 minutes to circle over the airport in a queue for landing.

Characteristics of the aircraft

  • Passengers: 8 pax
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Flight attendants: 1 pax
  • Range: 5219 Km
  • Speed: 830 Km/hr