Embraer Legacy 650

Embraer Legacy 650 is an enhanced version of Embraer Legacy 600. This multi-purpose business jet – category Heavy Jet – was designed to carry groups of people up to 13 passengers on the flights up to 8.5 hours. With 2-3 passengers, the aircraft is able to fly up to 9 hours! Cabin of Embraer Legacy 650 consists of 2 zones: main area and private room, which can be closed on the door or thick fabric. The layout consists of 10 individual chairs of the new design plus a 3-seater sofa in the rear, which can be transformed into a semi-double bed. The ceiling height of the cabin is 183 cm. Stewardess and Vip hot catering are standard. When transporting groups of more than 10 passengers, 2nd flight attendant is often added. 

The strengths of the aircraft are:

  1. Increased flight duration up to 8.5 hours.
  2. Large number of passenger seats (13 seats).
  3. The largest luggage compartment of the right form among all business jets (6 cubic meters!)
  4. Largest luggage compartment door 100/110cm.
  5. Spacious interior.
  6. Engines power, thanks to which the aircraft can take off where many other Heavy jets can not.
  7. The flight hour rate is often even cheaper than the smaller Heavy jets.

Characteristics of the aircraft

  • Passengers: 13 pax
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Flight attendants: 1 pax
  • Range: 7223 Km
  • Speed: 930 Km/hr