Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+

Characteristics of the aircraft

  • Passengers: 8 pax
  • Speed: 817 Km/hr
  • Range: 3889 Km
  • Cabin height: 1.73 m
  • Cabin Width: 1.68 m
  • Cabin Length: 5.640 m
  • Luggage compartment: 2.55 m³
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Cessna Citation XLS+ is a Super Light Jet, which is recognized a true leader in even higher league of Midsize jets. Cessna XLS/XLS+ is the most popular business jet in the world.

Cessna XLS+ Super Light Jet – Main player of the business aviation market 

Being a competitor to the group of Midsize jets, Cessna XLS/XLS+ offers considerably greater comfort. The height of the ceiling in Cessna XLS+ is 173 cm, and the space between the seats is 40-45 cm. This lets people with any type of body move easily throughout the cabin.

В Cessna XLS с высотой потолка дела обстоят намного лучше чем в его конкурентах
Lavatory is the most spacious place – you do not rest your elbows in the wall, there is no desire to tilt your head to the left or right away from the ceiling. Lavatory room is equipped with a good finish and numerous useful shelves.

В туалете XLS plus достаточно просторное место – ты не упираешься локтями в стенку обшивки. И кстати, туалеты не био, а имеют внешнее обслуживание

Cessna XLS offers very comfortable distance between chairs, passengers do not feel any discomfort because of other passengers` legs. Cabin width in Cessna XLS+ is 1,68 m, while cabin length is 5,64 m. This allow to feel well while sitting the passenger chair.

Cessna XLS не особо выделяется пространством для ног, однако кресла в XLS+ можно выдвинуть в проход или повернуть вокруг оси. Это позволяет вытянуть ноги в проход и расположиться более комфортно

Flight attendant is usually available, but often – it is an extra option. It is worth to say that the cabin hight lets to serve the table even for a man – not only for a petite flight attendant. 

Citation XLS предназначен как для бизнес перелетов, так и для полетов с компанией на отдых

Luggage compartment of Cessna XLS+ 

External luggage compartment shows very good possibilities. Up to 8 large size bags plus several soft bags can be easily loaded here. 

По внешнему багажнику у Cessna XLS plus все отлично

One more good news – there is plenty of storage inside of the plane. 

Who is flying with Cessna XLS plus?


  • Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+ is suitable not only for a business missions but also for a holidays flights with family and friends. 
  • Cabin hight is 174 cm, which makes it easy to move inside even for the normal man. 
  • Flight attendant and Vip hot catering are available. Sometimes they are extra options. Some of Cessna XLS+ are not equipped with a microwave oven.
  • Due to the large luggage compartment it is convenient to use Cessna XLS+ for flights with a full load of 6-8 people with luggage.

Cessna XLS благодаря большому багажнику самолет удобно использовать для перелетов с полной загрузкой составом 6-8 человек с багажом

It should be underlined that due to the special geometry of the wing and efficient engines, the aircraft can take off from shortened runways or be operated at mountain airports.

The maximum flight range of Cessna Citation XLS+ is 4-4. 5 hours depending on the number of passengers and weight of luggage.


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