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["381"] ["618"] 17550 € BOOK PRIVATE JET
["381"] ["711"] 18000 € BOOK PRIVATE JET
["381"] ["717"] 23900 € BOOK PRIVATE JET
["381"] ["726"] 17950 € BOOK PRIVATE JET
["381"] ["1477"] 18750 € BOOK PRIVATE JET
["490"] ["500"] 15000 € BOOK PRIVATE JET
["490"] ["733"] 20800 € BOOK PRIVATE JET


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Do not want to adapt to the schedule of aircraft? Pay attention to the rental business jet. This is an exclusive service that Private Jet Booking provides for company owners and business people. With our help, business aviation services are becoming available.

The organization of your flights is our concern.
Providing an individual approach, we guarantee a comfortable flight for all passengers. Order a business jet is possible not only for a business trip, but also for leisure. Embark on a weekend trip to another country, travel with your family to a tropical island, etc. in the cabin of a comfortable airplane.

Renting a business jet is an opportunity for senior executives to move between countries and enter trips on a tight schedule. In the face of the Private Jet Booking manager, you will find a business partner who will help save time and keep up for meetings in different cities. You do not have to book in advance or worry about the comfort of the flight; our employee will take care of all organizational issues. Landing in a private terminal will avoid the chaotic crowds and the huge queues that are so often found at airports at check points.

In addition, we guarantee 100% confidentiality. Over the years, our team has earned an impeccable reputation, so in all situations we remain on the client’s side. Employees quickly select the appropriate aircraft vessel, provide advice at all stages of cooperation.

Special attention is given to the price of a flight on a business jet. Through direct cooperation with leading carriers, we guarantee the absence of margins for changing the route or additional passengers on board. Using an automatic calculator, we will announce the cost, which will not change when landing. In addition, ongoing cooperation guarantees discounts and bonuses. Want to know more, contact our consultant.

Private Jet Booking – comfortable flights to anywhere in the world
We organize personal flights as well as flights for groups. This service is suitable for both owners of private companies and business people who prefer comfortable, private travel.

According to our customers, we work 70% faster than other agents. In addition, the flight business jet has 5 advantages:

convenience and comfort. The passenger feels a special relationship from the moment of boarding to disembarking at the final destination;
100% confidentiality;
individual departure schedule. No need to adapt to the schedule, it is created specifically for the customer;
the ability to travel to any airport. From Moscow you can get to the islands or to another continent faster, safer and without transfers;
personal support. We are in touch 24/7.
Our team provides aircraft of various tonnage, maneuverability and speed. These are modern aircraft that meet the requirements of safety and technical equipment. Pilots with more than 1500 flight hours are allowed at the helm. If necessary, there is a crew on board that provides a comfortable flight.